Naya Ali – Another One [Hip-Hop]

Durshlag, 2021-05-30

Naya Ali - Another One

Naya Ali – Another One

After making a name for herself with Air Ali, Naya Ali is leaving nothing to chance as she today drops Another One, the second single created in Toronto from a highly anticipated album to be released by the fall. Fully in control, she delivers a striking record propelled by solid rap and an infectious chorus that makes a lasting impression; a powerful formula where the rapper once again proves to be unmatched.

“Another One is an explicit reminder of who I am, where I come from and what I stand for. It symbolizes another win, another level attained, another step closer, not just for me but for the culture.” – Naya Ali

With the conscious intention of paying tribute to her roots, Naya Ali paired with Toronto producer, Adrian X (Drake, The Weeknd) to create this high bpm, pure rap gem.

“Working on music with Naya Ali is such a good experience. She writes real songs telling real stories from a fresh perspective. Another One gives me a gully feeling. Makes me make a stank face and start dancing because I’m just really into her cut throat vocals and our big production makes for a perfect backdrop. What a vibe!” – Adrian X

The production genius of Adrian X kicked in and delved into piano sounds inspired by iconic Ethiopian Jazz and the sampling of a traditional Ethiopian storytelling instrument, the Masenqo. The sounds are subtle but nothing’s left to chance.

As such, she delivers a powerful music video that brings Black Excellence to the forefront. All visuals, colors and pieces of clothing are a pure reverence for everything melanated, a creative tone-on-tone ode to black excellence! Whether it’s simply by showing different hair styles, from braids to dreads, to fros and twist outs, proper representation is central to Naya Ali’s values. She believes it’s about standing for something greater than herself, it’s about adding value to the culture.

“To show representation is super important to me, and it’s the moment in my visuals where I can show my values and what I stand for. I’d rather show than speak.” – Naya Ali

Another One is an unapologetic record inspired by Toronto’s dark and gritty vibe where Naya’s cold and melodic presence demonstrates once again her bravado, versatility and undeniable rap skills.

The new single Another One, available everywhere now, sets a solid tone for the second part of her album expected by the end of the summer.

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