RaneRaps – Look Alive [Hip-Hop]

Durshlag, 2021-03-30

RaneRaps - Look Alive

RaneRaps – Look Alive

Look Alive by RaneRaps is an energetic hip-hop track with a really interesting melody and overall construction. The melody is a good mix of old-school flavor with electronic sound.
The rhythm of the track urges you to dance as RaneRaps comically details his struggles as an independent artist.

Listen to this track:

About RaneRaps:
Unbridled charisma, infectious hooks, and witty wordplay define the Los Angeles based showman, RaneRaps AKA MR. Hot Jam. Irresistible to the spotlight he is now ushering us into a new age of hip-hop, with his exuberant stage presence, fashion sense and diverse catalogue.

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