Rude GRL & CC – Killer 16 [UK Rap]

Durshlag, 2021-05-04

Rude GRL & CC - Killer 16

Rude GRL & CC – Killer 16

Bringing together singer-songwriter and MC Jenna Dickens aka Rude GRL, burlesque star Bunni Morretto and Chris Constantinou, who started out as Adam Ant’s bassist, as well as collaborating and writing with the likes of Annabella Lwin (Bow Wow Wow), Sinead O Connor, Lou Reed, The Wolfmen, The Mutants and more. This trio of self-described outsiders share a mutual love of punk and a burning desire to get things off their chest. The urgency of the group’s sound mirrors their production style; quick, fluid and instantly gratifying.

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