Summer Dance Forever Worldwide 2020 results and videos

Durshlag, 2020-08-24
House Dance Forever winter edition
Paradiso, Amsterdam
Photo by Sasha Box
House Dance Forever 2018, photo by Sasha Box

That’s a wrap on all Worldwide Battles! It was a crazy digital edition, much love to everyone who watched it and participated. Tomorrow Theatre Forever starts, but here are all the winners of Locking Forever, Popping Forever, Waacking Forever, House Dance Forever, and Hip-hop Forever 2020.

Popping Forever

Nuria Beltran aka Nury won this year’s Popping Forever Worldwide battle. JRock and Jiggi were her strong top 3 competitors, but in the end judges Nelson, Popping C, and Damon Frost chose Nury as the ultimate popper.

Locking Forever

In the second Summer Dance Forever, live TV show Luna was crowned as the big winner! Her judges Willow, Roché, and Sugar Rae picked their top 3: Choco, Black A, and Luna.

Waacking Forever

For the very first time in the history of Summer Dance Forever: Waacking Forever! It was a party to look at, with glamorous outfits and even more glamorous judges: Bagsy, Junadry, and Sonia Soulshine. Eventually, they selected Yoon Ji as their Waacking queen, out of a top 3 with Boubou and Waackeisha.

House Dance Forever

Glo, Tony Ray and Alessia accepted the secret judge assignments and made it to the top 3 of House Dance Forever! Judges Mamson, Didier and Yugson Hawks chose Tony Ray as the House Dance Forever champion of 2020.

Hip Hop Forever

The last live tv show of Summer Dance Forever Worldwide 2020 saw Isolation aka D Dancing Street, Rana and Gulya try their best at winning the title. In the end, the 14-year old (!) Rana won the nail biting finale. Thanks, judges Joseph Go, Physs and Ben!

More videos of Summer Dance Forever are here: dance forever

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    • Durshlag

      Congrats to all winners

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        I join in the congratulations!

        • Durshlag