Danceproject Hip-Hop picks of the week, no. 2

Durshlag, 2020-10-04

Here is our 2nd compilation of the top hip hop findings for street dancers. Let’s make tea, relax, and listen to some good music.

© Kien Quan/Red Bull

J00ey K – Fuck

Even with very fast production, J00ey K managed to make an interesting, swinging track that would be awesome for dancers.

The beginning amused us a little because we introduced the village, and at some point, the dog cried out 🙂 But then, everything went as it should. A clear beat, no less clear vocals, and the track is ready!

Sky Summers – Money Dance

The track may seem simple enough, but in itself it is good and makes you move your head to the beat. We love piano part here. Enjoy the listening.

Marx Diamond x Tok the Outcast King – Dusk till Dawn

First Grime track in this compilation. We love the samples used in the instrumental of this track. Also aggressive mode of the track makes full our compilation more variative.


The first thing you hear in this track is interesting samples in the instrumental. Then the first drop that just hits your headphones and you can’t stop moving after that!
I really like the fact that the track takes its variety of grooves in different places. And this is what you need!

Dopamine is a transcendent fusion of Hip-Hip, South Indian rhythm, and melodies with a taste of spirituality that lures you into a state of sheer ecstasy.


The Plug Named Jimmy – Jimmy’s Freestyle

The electronic sound which begins from the very beginning and comes to the very end – is amazing. The whole instrumental are complemented by excellent vocals, which turns this salad into wonderful, edible, and quality delicacies

Amari Mar x Jadin Shropshire – Black Business

What we like in this track, is really old school samples used. These samples and melody remind me of how I listened to some cool old school track when I was 14. And using our boombox with my friends walking around the neighborhood and then dance.

Black Business is a brand new single that speaks on Black economics and building and obtaining wealth within the black community. 

Amari Mar

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