What is hip hop dance?

Durshlag, 2020-08-04
Hip-Hop dance

What distinguishes hip hop from other dance styles is that improvisation plays a big role within this style. Freestyle dance competitions, what in the world of street hip hop are called “battles”.

Dance teams, freestyle, and battles are identifiers of hip hop. Hip hop can be practiced as a form of training or as a hobby. And for those who are passionate about dancing and want to take it beyond fun and entertainment… hip hop is also a professional and competitive trend. There are many professionals who today live from hip hop, from its teaching, creation of choreographies, and shows. And you, do you know any referent of hip hop?

Hip hop is a cultural current that has grown very rapidly and has awakened interest and attraction to the world. Hip hop has unleashed a whole cultural current and marks a whole lifestyle for its lovers.

Let’s get started

# Breaking

Breaking is also generally referred to as breakdanceAs a dance style that combines 3 main elements: acrobatics, gymnastics, and rhythm. The breakdance is one of the most popular styles of hip hop dance that was developed as a body response to the beatbox.

Enjoy this video of a breaking dance battle. And you, would you dare to participate in a battle?

WATCH: Red Bull BC One World Final 2019

# Locking

Locking is a type of dance very similar to popping. Its fast and exaggerated movements of hands and arms stand out. The name of this style is based on the term ‘lock’ which means block.

This style of dance is characterized by its continuous blocks, elements of interpretation, mime, and acrobatics.

Locking Final – Juste Debout 2014 Bercy

# Popping

Popping is a dance style that emerged in Fresno, California. It is characterized by its robotic elements contracting the muscles of the body. It is very important to dance it with the right music to be able to dance it and that the movements of the body adapt to it. It is generally danced with the musical genres of funk, electro and house.

Don’t miss this fabulous popping video of the twins at the San Diego World of Dance 2010.

Slim Boogie vs Hozin – Dance Vision vol.7 Popping Battle best 16

# Krumping

Krumping is originally from California. It is characterized for being a free dance where the movements are more abrupt and strong. It is generally represented in competitions. The music of this style is very essential as it marks the rhythm and expression of the dancer.

If you like to dance with a lot of strength and expression, Krumping is for you!


# Hip Hop dance

Due to the evolution of hip hop in the 90s, its great success on stage and its new musical trends that generated great interest from the press and television was created the new style of dance qualified New School called New Style (New York) and L.A Style (Los Angeles). The Hip Hop dance is characterized by the combination of elements of the main styles such as Jazz, Indian, African, and any other dance style.

Improvisations and floor positions are left aside and choreographed and synchronized sequences predominate. Generally represented in music videos and shows, concerts, advertisements, and other media events.

Paradox vs Rochka TOP 6 Hiphop Forever – Summer Dance Forever 2019

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