Standub – Кто Ты

◆ Ломаный фанки ритм и напористый речитатив вновь зарядит тебя мощной брейк энергией.
◆ Трек «Кто Ты» записан чтобы дать задуматься тем, кто зарылся в собственных потребностях и забыл о главном.
◆ Всем мира! не забывай Кто Ты.

Lossless download:

Georgia Funkadelic – How Much Funk?

How Much Funk? by Georgia Funkadelic is catchy and groovy classical Funk track that is nice not just to listen, but also nice to dance to.
We love the overall production here and how it is developed.

Cool Company – Who Knows

Who Knows by Cool Company is a really light, melodic tune that is mixed in different genres, like Funk, R&B with some Hip-Hop flavor. This is everything we love.

Cool Company returns with another funk-forward single in Who Knows, an upbeat lullaby that puts uncertainty to rest while leaning into and embracing the fact that somethings, all you know are that you don’t know.

“I was reflecting and trying to make sense of different relationships I’ve had both past and present, intimate and platonic. I was caught up between appreciating them for what they were, and just sort of being down about the fact that all relationships come to an end one way or another…I’d call it an upbeat lullaby that puts uncertainty to rest while leaning into and embracing the fact that sometimes, all you know is that you don’t know.”

Travie Austin x Chore Boy x J-Bose x Koray Tarhan – Happy Funk Drunk

Happy Funk Drunk is a nice and groovy funky track. It has nice song progression and a really catchy hook.
In the track, we could also enjoy a bassline as well as modern sound and flavor.

“HFD is about getting drunk off of your own happiness, whatever vice that may be. Let your inhibitions go, stop being a sad sack and just “cut loose”. (Travie Austin)

Vince Sachs – We'll Go To The Moon Again (feat. Lena)

Want some raw funk – here it is. Let us present new pure stuff from Vince Sachs featuring Lena on vocals.
The track called We’ll Go To The Moon Again.

This track is telling you one cool story, that is part of other stories from the album Stories

FoxyFly – Crime

Want some crazy, energetic breakbeat music – here it is!
The dope production from FoxyFly in the track Crime.

Feel the power of groove and vocals!

Standub – Знаки Протеста (Original Mix)

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“Знаки Протеста” is a new electronic classic of Breakbeat release on 21Floor Records from Standub. The track embodies the essence of Bboy culture, namely the expression of oneself in dance, as well as the thrill of the dance, movement, and the surrounding atmosphere! All this meaning is laid down in two simple quatrains that will sit in your head for a long time and, combined with a dense sound, already become an informal anthem of underground breaking