Charodey Jeddy – Manifest Brkz

Here it is – next compilation of breaks from Charodey Jeddy in album Don’t Fix the Breaks, vol. 3.
An interesting mix of live instruments and electronic samples.

Don’t Fix the Breaks, vol.1:
Don’t Fix the Breaks, vol.2:

🙌 Music by Charodey Jeddy:
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Standub – Ignition [Breaks]

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Each of us needs a trigger to start something important and achieve a goal. We do this to breathe and to live. Every day. A trigger ignites the engine inside of you.
Imagine a spark in the darkness of night. Imagine an engine full of energy and flames. Your carrier rocket will either bring you to the top or will burn up on its way to the sky. Your acceleration starts with a tiny inner explosion. With ignition.

🙌 Music and Mastering by Standub:
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Dusty Road To The Cypher

Brand new wave of the Funky style sound, combining most rhytmic beats, fat deep bass, carefully selected samples, and originally sinthesized sounds.
This music was made for the people who can’t imagine their life without extreme.
This music was made by Bboy fot Bboys and Bgirls all over the world!
I hope you enjoy this dozen fresh beats and inspire you to become better!
Peace and love for the world!

Mastering and cover art by Standub Production
Published by Danceproject

Charodey Jeddy – Watch Yo Steps Breaks

New compilation for all bboys and bgirls special edition for World Bboy Classic 2019 event.
Here you find all different sounds for breaking: electronic, funky breaks, epic sound, etc.
Enjoy this sound