Trekar – Real Know Real


6 city records, a Trekar, ghetto youths this no joke, yuh friend will tek yuh dreams like a spliff weh just out. Watch you friends weh yu par wid and a drive up inna car wid.

Verse 1
Them neva believe inna mi success much less. Deh a studio when man a buss sweat, tell them nuh ramp wid mi career, cauh me a step wid some serious warrior. Time and time mi si bad mind active, y them nuh want si ghetto youths proactive. Time and time mi si people change, like vehicle change the real remains

Real know real mi seh real know real, mi just a talk how mi feel
Real know real mi seh real know real, mi just a talk how mi feel
Real know real mi seh real know real, man affi hunt cornmeal
Real know real mi seh real know real, nuff a try fight mi fi real

Verse 2
So mek mi tell yuh bout some friends them will stab yuh inna yuh back
Sidung pony uh name and chat. Have you ever take a time out an just relax and think bout who a you real friend from who nuh have yuh back, them fake
Them call mi them brotha, neva know pon mi them woulda change like the weather. A real brotha woulda neva sell out just through cheddar neva neva.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Man fi live life, house pon the hill momma well alright betta know that man fi live life, man fi live life ghetto youths fi tek flights.
Nah stop try till mi mek it to the top, them wah si mi flop
Si them a sidung and a laugh and a chat but mi still a elevate like a elevator..wohooo.

Phantom IMC – Wine & Back Up

I am happy to present my new album “Elevated”, which is now available on all streaming platform. It’s been a full year since I started this project. The reason I called this album “Elevated” is because since I put out my EP “The Beginning” in 2015 I have grown as a musician or in other words, my music has elevated to another level. At first, I just wanted to produce some singles but in space of five to six months I’ve made over thirty songs. So eventually I decided on making a full album. Since this is my first fully self-produced album I didn’t want to put too many songs on it. I picked my favorite twelve songs which I believe are just right to showcase my growth as a producer and a songwriter/sing jay. Before I go into telling you the story of each song and how it was inspired, I’d rather you just listen to the album. I hope you’ll fulljoy this album the way I do! Music is love.

Phantom IMC