Kamihamiha! – Like A Legend (feat. Loddzilla)

Super energy and hype tune from Kamihamiha! feat Loddzilla called Like A Legend.
This hip-hop track influenced by a crazy electronic synth that could be loved by Hip-Hop dancers.
The nice flow of the artists makes this track really dope stuff!
Check it out!

I Hear Jimmy x Rioux V x Jimmy Burney – Feel It 21

I feel healthy. I feel good. I spread love just like I should.
This track is nice, commercial hip-hop with an amazing melody.
We enjoyed the beat and how it’s connected with vocals sampled in the background. All the transitions made smooth so you must enjoy this track.

Dax – BEATBOX Freestyle

This track is a BEATBOX FREESTYLE FOR THE BEATBOX CHALLENGE. And this is what hip-hop is about.
Nice energy, catchy beat, and incredible flow by Dax make this mixture super dope.
The track listens in one breath, and you must to listen.

Prozack Turner – Gold Chain (feat. Richie Cunning)

Gold Chain by Prozack Turner featuring Richie Cunning is a super energy-banging track with an incredible vibe.
The track came straight from California. We really enjoyed the flow of the artist and the overall production is really on point. This track is a must in any DJ’s Hip-Hop set to make crowd dancing.

Check it out!

Bryson Cole – God's Eyes

God’s Eyes by Bryson Cole is an energy bass booster for your car.
The track really hits you with tonnes of energy, vibe, and groove.
We enjoyed the overall high-quality production, that good fit our playlists and the mood we are sharing with our listeners.

Tieran – Get it Done

Get it Done by Tieran is a nice, energetic hip-hop track with good lyrics. In this track, with this nice groove, we enjoyed the synth that plays in the background.
The track recharges your energy and deserves to be in your hip-hop dance music playlist!

Check it out and enjoy the sound.

Miilk – Loot Bag

Deep Bassline, dope sound, and catchy vibe. All these things are present in this hidden gem!
We really enjoyed listening to this track and this one must be included in your dance collection of music.

Check it out!