Business. – Upgraded

Nice house track with a disco flavour that is good to dance to on the practice or a dance battle.

Talmirage – Are You The Funk?

We answer to one of the most existential question there is.
Nice house experiments from Talmirage that is good fit for house dancers.

Moodssupply – All The Way

It’s time to go “All The Way” with our latest release, a soulful & funky disco-house track, full of positive vibes. “You gotta feel it”! “All The Way” is a song about relationships where you need to be all-in in order to make it work.
There is no other way.

Sanctuary ft. Slim Jeff & Annabelle Maginnis

The track is a house meets hip-hop and R&B bop!

LA artists collaborated remotely in lockdown to make the track.

On the collaboration, Slim Jeff had to say “Sanctuary is basically a safe space for love. Protection/escape from all the isms/ills of prejudice in our society. ‘Without love we’re all here just because.’ It’s encouragement to be yourself and to be comfortable with that even if society tells you otherwise and personally it was the freedom to try something new. This isn’t a genre of music I would normally rap to, but it felt like the perfect music bed to make my point. It’s basically a song for anyone who feels marginalized. Like yo we can come together without our biases to this music church/music world/safe space and just have fun.”

itscanturan – antidote

Dope, light, and enjoyable house track from the itscanturan that called antidote.
Check this out and vibe with us.

Maffmatix – Green Monster

Dope, catchy and interesting house vibes from Maffmatix in the track Green Monster.

By Maffmatix:
“I arrived home after an amazing weekend at Mystic Valley (a music festival up in northern Thailand) and I was incredibly inspired by all the good music, wild all-nighter experiences, dancing with all types of interesting souls. I used all my inspiration from the festival to make this track. This song builds as it goes… flutes and strings come in eventually to bring spirit into a mysterious and mystical beat.”