Marquee Mayfield – Disco Queen

The thrilling saga of Marquee Mayfield continues. Here is a recap of the epic, so far: Mayfield was created in a factory in Nashville, Tennessee as a clone front-loaded with all the country-pop fixings to nab industry accolades and awards. Out of all the clones on the assembly line, a young scientist named Chloe felt some sort of connection with Mayfield. When the factory closed each evening, and while the other clones sat idle through the night, she would steal Mayfield away and nourish and, perhaps, warp his little robotic mind, with strong doses of disco, funk, and R&B. Mayfield soon grew creatively willful, and Chloe helped enable him to embrace musical freedom.

“As a clone, when I look through the eyes of culture, I try to understand why humans behave the way they do,” Mayfield shares. “I’m out there to interact with humans. Clones aren’t total machines—we have feelings.”

George Clinton himself couldn’t concoct a stranger entity than a visionary robot songwriter/singer/guitarist with an intrepid funk sensibility and a golden pop touch. The Nashville, Tennessee-based clone creative counts as influences artists such as Curtis Mayfield, Hall & Oates, Prince, Jamiroquai, and other song-oriented funk phenomena. His distinct funk-pop fits snuggly alongside playlists featuring contemporary artists such as Chromeo, Mayer Hawthorne, and Breakbot.

With punchy vintage Michael Jackson horn arrangements, a silken Prince-like falsetto, and sticky sweet hooks, the single Disco Queen reeks of cocaine, French fries, roller rinks, and Naugahyde. “Picture the scene as something out of Boogie Nights: a girl walks in, everyone turns to look at her as she’s an instant VIP, and I, a normal clone, struggle to talk to her and break out my best dance moves,” Mayfield shares with a little dejection.

Mayfield is looking forward to sharing these jams in a variety of visual presentations. “The clone is a very excited stage performer, even though his dancing skills are subpar,” he confesses.

Travie Austin & Brad Kemp – Make A Move (feat. Anthony M. Rodriguez)

Make a move by Travie Austin & Brad Kemp is an amazing light and bright song. Good energy and melody make you move. We really enjoyed the solo of Saxo here. Also, the track full of good interesting transitions and flips, and these things make the tune not boring, and enjoy the full track.
Good addition for DJs on Afterparty or locking battles.

Travis Atria – Shine

Shine by Travis Astria is a nice and light funky tune the fuel you with energy and vibe. Fairly solid production with nice instruments in the melody makes you groove and dance to it. Totally a good addition to your dance playlists

Travis Atria has performed at Bonnaroo and SXSW, and his album Boa Noite, was ranked by The Fire Note as best of the year. His latest, and first solo album, is 2021’s Moonbrain.

Mashup & Cozy Condition – Fly Wizard Fly

Fly Wizard Fly is the second release from Mashup & Cozy Condition’s upcoming full length. Based on a sinister horn lick and funk beat, it features an edgy unique vocal delivery.
Well-structured and groovy track force you to dance and move your body to the beat.

Mashup & Cozy Condition make the kind of dirty, brass-scorched funk / soul / rock that leads you into temptation. The dark side of the boys from RVA features, Jason Newcomb master of all six strings and production knobs, the world-class “Cozy Condition” horn section is lead by saxophonist extraordinaire Rick Rieger. So successful are they, so good does it feel, so natural, that voodoo filth will be pouring through you before you know what’s going on.

Steve Ryan – Real Time

Dope, energetic and groovy track from Steve Ryan called Real Time.
Also, the overall production is on point and what we especially like is that this is a perfect addition to your locking dance