All The Most vs Top 9: Yan & BochRock VS TonyRock & Kosto | Breaking | Red Bull BC One Battle-X Russia 2020

Team All The Most (Yan, BochRock) vs Team TOP 9 (TonyRock, Kosto) ⚔️

"All The Most" & "TOP 9" sounds like a lot more than just 2 breakers on each side 😅 But that just means it only takes 2 of them to get the job done ✌️ Yep... they're that good 💪

Red Bull BC One Battle-X is an exclusive event where select b-boys & b-girls are invited to battle in secret locations around the world.
No round limits. No judges. Just top tier exhibition battles. 💯

Oh yeah, it's not open to the public... but online you get a front row seat. 🍿

The selected exhibition battles are curated from the top breakers the host countries have to offer and may or may not have international contenders as opponents. Red Bull BC One Battle-X is a throwback to the times where dancers went head-to-head to test their skills, without the need for judges.

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Red Bull BC One is the biggest one-on-one Breaking competition in the world. Every year, thousands of dancers across the globe vie for a chance to represent at the World Final. Sixteen B-Boys & B-Girls earn the right to enter into an all-out battle on the Red Bull BC One stage, but only one will be crowned the champion.




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TopRock Drill /w Yan (AllTheMost) | BREAK ADVICE

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Check a basic toprock concept that will built dynamic in your steps variations on the top featuring Russia's finest bboy Yan aka the Shrimp from AllTheMost.

World Bboy Classic Russia Qualifier | Semi Final | All The Most vs. Predatorz

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Semi final between All The Most and Predatorz during the Russia Qualifier of World Bboy Classic!


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Yan (All The Most) vs Jamal (Predatorz) | 1/2 Red Bull BC One Russian Cypher 2016

Red Bull BC One Russian Cypher 2016

Yan (All The Most) vs Zip Rock (Action Man Crew) | FINAL Red Bull BC One Russian Cypher 2016


Red Bull BC One Russian Cypher 2016
in Saint Petersburg

Judges: Menno / Alcolil / Intact
Soul DJ Smirnoff
MC Scream

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