Link Judge Showcase|Versa-Style's 13 Year Anniversary Festival 2018

Versa-Style's 13th Year Anniversary Hip-Hop Dance Festival!

Hip-Hop Judge Showcase:
Link (Elite Force Crew)

Filmed by Artefakt

Instagram & Twitter: @versastylela

Danzel | Vikter Duplaix – "Wherever You Are"

Yo our homie Danzel from Philly is one of the dopest dancers we have seen in a long time!

IG/Twitter: @ArtefaktLife

Outrage | "Woo Haa"

Check out our homie Outrage from Cali!
Follow him on ig at @official_outrage & his event coming in 2018 @the_streetleague
IG/Twitter: @ArtefaktLife

Stampede Dee | Next To You

IG/Twitter: @ArtefaktLife

Swagga in LA | Lite feet

IG/Twitter: @ArtefaktLife

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