Serial Stepperz House Dance Freestyle (Encore) at Breakin Convention 2012 [HD re-upload]

Serial Stepperz give the Breakin' Convention audience what they need - a massive 7 minute house dance freestyle featuring solos from every single member of the crew - an example of exactly what the Stepperz do best!

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Serial Stepperz is a dance group founded in 2007 by Babson and Yugson of the legendary group Wanted Posse (2001 Battle of the Year World Champions)

Serial Stepperz is a project which brings together two generations of dancers, the generation middle school, with Yugson and Babson of Wanted Posse, Physs of Pro Phenomen, Tip Top and El Fonky Juice of O Posse, and new school: Kapela, K, Mamson, Malcom, Neo, Serge and Mogway.

The balance between maturity and spirit of the old youth group has enabled the Serial Stepperz Crew to access a global prize list of the best in terms of battles: Numerous Juste Debout titles, House Dance 2011, House Dance International and Summer Dance For Ever 2011, House Dance International, Bust A Move and Summer Dance Forever.

Based on today's choreographic and scenic experience of old, the group is currently working on a show based on the diversity of cultural influences of each dancer: inspired African social dances, breaking, house dance; and the pure energy of clubbing.

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Showcase Serial stepperz – Boot Dance Camp (2013)

Showcase Serial stepperz - Boot Dance Camp (2013)
Karlos, Frankwa, Babson, Thias, Kapela, Mamson, Malkom, Mogwai, Tip Top, Physs, Yugson, AJS.
Guests: Nelson, Animal

Showcase Serial Stepperz – Who is who (2010)

Showcase Serial Stepperz - Who is who (2010)
Tip Top, Yugson, Malkom, Kapela, Antoinette, Serge, Babson

Juste Debout 2003 – House dance final – Babson & Yugson vs Meech & Rickysoul

5 jours de danse et de fête au soleil avec les meilleurs danseurs hip-hop au monde.
Juste Debout Gold - du 4 au 9 septembre 2018
5 days of dance and party under the sun with the best dancers
Juste Debout Gold - From September 4th to 9th

Juste Debout 2003
Gymnase du Nesle, Champs-sur-Marne

DANCERS : Babson & Yugson vs Meech & Rickysoul
JUDGES: Henry Link [USA] (Hip Hop), Boppin Andre [USA], Marjory Smarth [USA] [House dance], Richie Rich [USA] (Locking)
HOST: Bruce Ykanji
DJ : Romento

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The Hip Hop Dance Event of the Year: Juste Debout is an international Hip Hop “stand up” dances event, which brings together more than 4,000 dancers, selected after a 3 months international tour.

Le Juste Debout est une rencontre internationale de danses Hip Hop dites « debout », qui réunit plus de 4 000 danseurs, sélectionnés après une tournée internationale de 3 mois.

Instinct Battle 7 Jugde Demo House dance Babson

Instinct battle édition 7
Jugde Demo House dance: Babson

Tip Top, Babson , Popping Prince

Dj same One ,Dj Kakashi, Dj Mel

Speakers: Nasty & Steve Babeebash

Video: Karism production

Facebook: Rouen Instinc battle
Instagram: instinct_battle

The Lord Of The Circle 2k18 | Judge Showcase | House | Babson

The Lord of the Circle

House Judge demo: Babson Baba Sy (France)

More information about event:

Video by ANT studio

Battle Hip Your Hop #2/ Jury / Babson

Battle Hip Your Hop #2 - 14 mai 2017

Video by Hakim Taz
Edited by Hip Your Hop

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