Bboy Beginners Footwork Class | Breaking Online Class | Basic Footwork Tutorial

Bboy Beginners Footwork Class.
Online Breaking Class for Bboys & Bgirls
Basic Footwork tutorial instructional video.

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Today we are covering some of my favorite basics! I love these steps and use them a lot.

Most of the Basic beginner's footwork steps in this video are easy to learn but take a little bit more work to master. Can you master them?

Have fun practicing these awesome basic footwork steps!

Click on the timestamp to fast track to the steps you want!

Hook Open 2:56
Hook Switch 3:30
Hook & Sling 4:55
Step Over, Step Back 5:55
Step Over, Step Back + Zulu 6:51
Back CC's 8:33
Latin Twist 9:24
3 Step 10:13
Hooked 3 Step 12:49
3 Step Shuffle 15:16
3 Step Switch 16:07
Bonus 16:38

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