Victor Vs Nelzwon – B-Boy Finals – Freestyle Session USA – Pro Breaking Tour – B-Boy Network

Freestyle Session USA
Presented By The Pro Breaking Tour & Sanctioned By UDEF
Brought To You By Shaolin Productions & Cros1

USA Dance National Breaking Championship

Open 1 V 1 B-Boy Finals

Victor (MFKidz/Red Bull BC One All Stars/Squadron)
*Victor ranked top B-Boy in USA in the competition and qualifies to rep the USA @ WDSF World Breaking Championship in Nanjing, China . *

2nd Place
Nelzwon (BreakingMIA/Future Force)
*Nelzwon ranked 2nd top B-Boy in USA in the competition and qualifies to rep the USA @ WDSF World Breaking Championship in Nanjing, China . *

Lego (Flipside Kings)
Moy (Havikoro/Break Free Worldwide)
Ronnie (Full Force/Super Cr3w/7CZ/Red Bull BC One All Stars)

Felix (Unique Styles Crew/Flipside Kings/Fusik)

Ivan The Urban Action Figure

USA Dance

Pro Breaking Tour


Shaolin Productions

Break Konnect

WDSF Breaking For Gold

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Slim Boogie/Bboy Victor/Clarence vs Cheerito/Zyko/Popping Prince/Arejay – Underrated Battle 2018


Team USA(Slim Boogie / Bboy Victor/ Clarence)


Team FranceXGermany(Zyko/Popping Prince/Arejay)+Cheerito

Judges: Poppin J (South Korea) / Ben Wichert (GER) / Cheerito (RUS)
Dj's : Joseph Wu (GER) / Fzee (GER) / Big Smoke (GER)
Hosts : Almiros Kmifa (DUS) / Arman Kahsani (BER)

Underrated is a dance battle with an inventive concept, that has never been seen before.
One Dancer of each team has to press the buzzer once in order to get the virtual wheel moving.
Every Item has his own feature which can be used during the battle:

Lightning : Change the music for one round
Hammer: Change your opponent team
Banana: Blank
Clock: Choose one opponent dancer who has to dance under 40sec
Smash Ball: Copies every item
Master Ball: Choose one of the judges to dance one round for your team

Underrated is an urban dance event at Tanzhaus NRW in Dusseldorf Germany where dancers all around the world gather each year and share their love for the dance culture.
Underrated is about realizing your true value in every part of your life.

All the Way Up – Fat Joe, Remy Ma, French Montana YAK Bboy Vicious Victor & Loose Lee #FatJoeDanceOn

Music by Fat Joe, Remy Ma – All The Way Up (feat. French Montana)
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