LITEFEET – Bad One (Follow Along) Beginner

All credits and respect goes out to the Litefeet culture.
I dont consider myself as a Litefeet dancer or someone that have been into the culture. I just hope you enjoy joining my practice of learning the bad one and if you want to learn from the real source there is a lot of stuff on youtube. I love litefeet music and I love the style and im just absorbing and taking from it what I can add to my own style of dance.
Im neither a hip hop dancer nor a house dancer! Im just me enjoying life, music and dance. Its up to you if you want to put my dance into any category or box. For me everything is one :) So I hope if you only practice house or afro or whatever that you open yourself to other styles, but of course only if you enjoy doing it. Life is too short to waste time with stuff that you dont enjoy or force yourself to anything just because someone toly you to. Thats just my point of view but actually I dont know anything haha
So yeah practice the bad one because there are some advanced follow alongs building up on this one. They will be posted within the next weeks.
You find Litefeet music on my soundcloud. Just type in dani torrey cabello and check out my playlist.
Hope you enjoy training with me.
Much love and positivity to all of you.
Take Care
Daniel (aka D-Lima haha)

HIP HOP – Running Man (Follow Along) Beginner

Hey guys,
Hope youre doing great!
Lets train some Hip-Hop today and practice together the Running Man as well as some basic variations.
It might look easy but it definitely will need some time and patience.
Keep pushing guys!
Thank you for training with me.
A lot of positivity and love to all of you
Take care
(Find my hip hop playlists to practice on soundcloud & spotify. Just type in my name)

HIP HOP – Pivot (Follow Along) Beginner

Sharing here some basic pivot variations with you and practicing them with you. Thankful for being able to train with you.
Check out the Pivot follow along intermediate one after mastering this one.
Let me know if there is anything you would like to learn or practice with me.
Appreciate you!
Much love and positivity for all of you
Take care

Tutting to Music: Tutorial 1 | TheFatRat Unity | How To Finger Tut


Pnut instagram @NoPjusnut

Skill Level: Beginner level combo.

Learning to tut with Pnut of Finger Circus! This combo will test your limits! Can you do it all?!


Instagram: @StatusSilver
Twitter: @StatusSilver

Music:TheFatRat - Unity

HOUSE DANCE – Peter Paul (Follow Along) Beginner

Yo guys!
I hope life is treating you well.
I always say the peter paul is the brother/sister of the shuffle haha Its really similiar but still different. Some people always train the shuffle but the Pow wow has also so much to offer and after mastering this video I will be waiting for you with some crazy variations ;)
Thank you for joining me on my practice, hope you enjoy it.
You find my music on soundcloud and spotify (dani torrey-cabello)
Sending you all much love and positivity. Take care

HOUSE DANCE – Lotus (Follow Along) Beginner Level

The lotus looks super easy but it definitely will take a while till it feels and looks effortless. Lets grow together because there is no secret behind it. Repetition and drilling will help you to get this basic into your body! The intermediate level will be quite a big challenge so really take your time to master this one and also dont forget to freestyle with it.
Let me know if you have any feedback.
If you need music to practice feel free to find me on spotify or soundlcoud and there you woll find all my playlists:

Take care. Much love and positivity to all of you

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