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Popping And Hip Hop Dancer have 5 MINUTES To Make A COMBO | DANCE CHALLENGE!

Doesn't take long for @Dassy Lee & Tonini to get synchronized 😳 💪 💯

⏰ 5 Minute Combo is your chance to watch dancers create under the pressure. 💪 They've gotta visualize steps, make decisions and most of all...perform their piece! When time runs out, it's go time. 💯

Fun times and good vibes coming up. 🙌 Stay tuned for more episodes! 🚀

Dassy is one of the most electrifying performers in the scene. She's known as a popper, but her dance experience also extends to locking, hip hop, and house. With an extensive background of performing on TV with So You Think You Can, winning competitions like Dance Delight and collaborating with the Femme Fatale trio, Dassy continues to maximize creativity in her opportunities.

"I get my creativity from watching a show, judging, going to eat food – everywhere. When I see ice melting, I get ideas from that. So what's next? I want to keep healthy and take care of myself so I can dance as long as possible. I want to inspire people to love and respect the style I’m doing, which is popping, and share my knowledge with them not only as a dancer, a competitor, and as a role model, but also as an artist."

Wanna see more of Dassy? Check these clips out:
Behind the Scenes with Dassy on her 4 Elements Popping Concept video:
Best of Dassy:​

In 2019, Italian hip-hop dancer Tonini debuted as a wildcard dancer at the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final in Paris. Known for his crazy footwork and showing off his flexibility, Tonini remarks: “I like to play with balance and find unique and mad poses. My feet sometimes go crazy in the mix. Because of the flexibility of my ankles, I can create postures and rotations in footwork and legs.”

“The most important skill to master along your journey as a dancer is the continuous attempt to improve the quality of your movements. Listen and pay attention to everyone who gives you tips, but at the same time, find your own and personal path and believe in your own way to dance.“

"There isn’t a specific place where I want to dance, but what I can say, is that it’s a dream every single time I get to perform for an audience and bring people into my world and share who I really am. Seeing people enjoying my dance fills my heart with crazy amounts of joy, so much that I can’t explain."

Get to know Tonini here:
Introducing Tonini:


Giving wings to dancers and all the dance fans around the world 🌏
Got a favorite dance style? We got plenty.
💪 Hip Hop, Breaking, Popping, Locking, Waacking, House, Voguing, Tutting, Turfing, Jooking, Litefeet, Dancehall, Krump... to name a few 😏
Share your favorite style in the comments below! 👇👇👇

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CHIKA – INDUSTRY GAMES Choreography by The Kinjaz

Produced by: The Kinjaz

Directed by: Mike Song, Bam Martin, and Jon Shih

Choreographed by: Bam Martin & Mike Song

Performed by: Bam Martin, Carlo Darang, Jason Lin, Kevin Nguyen, Vinh Nguyen, Anthony Lee, Mike Song

Filmed by: Chad Mayate, Jon Shih, John Kim

Edited by: Chad Mayate & Jon Shih


Wardrobe design by: Jon Shih || @kin.aesthetik
Kinjaz *Japan Exclusive* Spring ’21 Collection
Now available at Nubian II ( @nubian_tokyo )

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Sadeck | Tutting | MURMURATION 20×4


2 mirrors and lights in right hand to create choreography of magic 🪄


Music by Adel T-Rex Prod

#tutting #dance #choreography

Sadeck | Tutting | Murmuration 20

Trying the murmuration effect with only 20 peoples.

Contact : [email protected]


#tutting #dance #choreography #art #satisfying

Fleur Zwartkruis x Daarren x Willis | DANCE CHOREO | Love Generation – Bob Sinclar & Masaka Kids

CHOREO by Fleur Zwartkruis x Daarren x Willis

Musique : Bob Sinclar ft Masaka Kids - Love Generation


Fleur Zwartkruis :
Daarren & Willis :​


Video by Sirisvisual - My Work :

Instagram :​
Website :​
Facebook :​


Contact :
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Anthony Lee & Bailey Sok | Choreography | Somebody That I Used To Know

We invited some friends & family to take part in a private showcase to celebrate our final moments at the Kinjaz Komplex. We literally decided to throw this showcase a couple of days before we had to move out, but with the help of our team and friends, we managed to pull this event together in less than a week.

Choreography by : Anthony Lee & Bailey Sok

Performed by: @_anthonylee_ @baileysok

Filmed/Edited by : @Vibrvncy

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Vinh Nguyen | Choreography | “Better Days” a Dance Film


“The darkest hour is just before the dawn.” - Thomas Fuller


Director / Choreographer
Vinh Nguyen

Vinh Nguyen, Gabrielle Nguyen

Jenna Alvarez
Jalen Sands
Nick Joseph
Jason Lin
Shannon Kelly
Vinh Nguyen
Jadyn Hernandez
Trevor Takemoto
Jake Brandorff

Director of Photography / Camera Operator
Gerald Nonato

1st AC
Bong Buño

Chad Mayate

Bong Buño, Collin Lac

Editor / Colorist
Bong Buño


“Better Days” by Ant Clemons and Justin Timberlake

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To combat COVID-19, we took extensive precautionary measures to limit the spread of the virus. We approached this shoot as a film production would, and got tested before and after (to negative results) to make sure the risk was at an absolute minimum. Masks were utilized in the majority of the filming process

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