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The S.E.F. (Self Expression Freestyles) is project created by King Charles. The purpose of the S.E.F. is to give dancers a platform to express themselves through freestyle. His vision is to bring together dancers that he always want to see getting down on the same track.

Music: Mickey Factz - Get It

King Charles - @KingCharles_____
Comfort - @ComfortFedoke
Precise - @_Preciseee
ShortSircuit - @itsrobwilson

IG/Twitter: @ArtefaktLife

Comfort Fedoke – Jaiye Jaiye |
Comfort Fedoke - Jaiye Jaiye (Dance Freestyle).Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Music - WizKid feat. Femi Kuti - Jaiye Jaiye Filmed/Edited by Gabriel Thomas (Dancersglobal) SUBSCRIBE FOLLOW LIKE Shoot Notes: We found a random spot in the city of Novato, CA and filmed this video. The area was very small and did not have the best lighting, however, we didn't let that stop us from creating a fun and energetic dance video for you all. Enjoy!
Jr Boogaloo, Comfort, Gemini, Street|Judge Show|2014红牛HitTop街舞挑战赛北京站
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