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Germany‘s Underground is back and better! It’s bringing back good vibes and introducing finest German innovation to the community: A new judge, YOU the audience! URBAN CHAMPS is the first battle that is partnering with DROPVOTE for this purpose to empower its audience. DROPVOTE is a judging app that lets you stream and judge dance battles and influence the decision-making process, which dancer will win. You can judge either at the venue where the action takes place or from home.

You all know 🇩🇪 Germany stands for innovation and technology! URBAN CHAMPS is proud to support an App like DROPVOTE and to involve the audience into the battles because the audience is as important as the dancers! You all know, no hype no vibe! The audience used to be a passive component of an event. It was time to change that. URBAN CHAMPS did it! Now YOU can be a judge and have impact!

If you are a promoter and want to empower your audience, get in touch with the team at DROPVOTE ( Change the game. Make your audience an additional judge!

Battle Of The Year Germany 2015 – 2vs2 – Final Battle
Battle Of The Year Germany 2015 - 2vs2 - Final Battle Dario & Conni VS. Justen & Kid Colombia GET YOUR TICKETS FOR THE INTERNATIONAL BOTY 2015: The Battle Of The Year has come a long way. Who would have thought that BOTY would go from starting out in 1990 in a local youth culture centre with 500 hard-core fans to an arena packed with more than 12,000 roaring spectators and b-boy crews from all over the world? BOTY has grown massively – and we have slowly realised our vision of developing the spirit of breakdance and creating an international event platform that allows B-Boys and B-Girls from all different countries to express their creativity in front of an ever-growing audience. BOTY 2014 was huge – and our aim is to keep it growing, evolving and pushing it to become the best Battle Of The Year we can possibly achieve, to once again prove that the event has earned its position as a pinnacle of the breaking and b-boying scene. Let’s celebrate a quarter-century of BOTY history together! Keep on rockin’ the next 25 years! Battle Of The Year Soundtrack 2014 OUT NOW! MP3s / WAVs available via: iTunes: Bandcamp: Juno: Beatport: Google Play: Amazon FACEBOOK: Like us at : BATTLE OF THE YEAR:
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