Darlita Double-Lock vs. Fran | Locking Final | Rio H2K Battles 2018

Evento : Rio H2K Battles 2018

Darlita vs. Fran

Judge : MR Jeff


Canklyn & Fran – Argentina Bridge

We had this idea of dancing to a song/beat that is made by a beat producer from our city, hamburg-city. So we asked Agajon if we can use one of his beats. Sascha Niethammer was filming and also editing the whole video project. Thanks to both of you!

New upcoming projects are coming soon. Thank you guys 4 watching.

Film&Editoring: Sascha Niethammer (

Beat produced by Agajon aka "A.G.A.":

Franklyn Kakyire (
Can Gülec (

Cypher Dance Championship 2017 – Canklyn & Fran vs. Franky Dee (Deerockz) & Richie (M.I.K.)

Cypher Dance Championship 2017 in Berlin was crazy, the energy and the vibes were really cool.

Thanks to all the people who were organizing this wonderful event and of course thanks to Franky Dee (Deerockz) & Richie M.I.K. for such a powerful Battle.

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