The Notorious X James Brown ( Part 3)

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LOCKING FINAL – Los Arcos (Swe,Fin) vs Adilock & Oubella (Mar) Juste Debout Stockholm 2020

Locking final Juste Debout Stockholm 2020
Winners:Los Arcos (Swe,Fin)
Arranged by
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STREETSTAR 2015 | ALL THAT FUNK 3vs3 FINAL | International Celebrities SWE vs WhattaFunk IT
Final All That Funk Battle between International Celebrities aka Humble Gypsys SWE vs Whatta Funk IT at Streetstar Festival 2015. Winner is International Celebrities.
Mike & Ricky | Fair Play Dance Camp SHOWCASE 2015
Fair Play Dance Camp SHOWCASE A legendary display of skills by the world’s top dancers and choreographers. The Showcase is the turning point of Fair Play Dance Camp - the Europe's biggest dance education festival. Buzz in the air, amazing choreographies, a grand meeting of the dancer community and dance enthusiasts. Artists line-up: Fair Play Dance Camp SHOWCASE 2015 - Salah [ FRANCE ] - Lyle Beniga [ USA ] - Lando Wilkins [ USA ] - Ian Eastwood [ USA ] - Duc Anh Tran [ HUNGARY ] - Kaelynn KK Harris [ USA ] - Shaun Evaristo [ USA ] - Marissa Ostao [ USA ] - Fair Play Crew [ POLAND ] - Wojtek Osiejewski [ POLAND ] - Kevin Paradox [ NETHERLANDS ] - Alisa & Baiba [ ESTONIA / LATVIA ] - Laure Courtellemont [ FRANCE ] - J.K. Sanchez [ CHECH REPUBLIC ] - Mike & Ricky [ ITALY ] - Board Game Show [ POLAND ] + Best students of the Fair Play Dance Camp: - Les Chattes [ POLAND ], - Attila Bohm [ HUNGARY ], - Justin Fuentes [VENEZUELA], - Daniel Sabado Soriano [ SPAIN ] HOST: MC TRIX [UK] The festival was initiated by Fair Play Crew dance formation. More about the Fair Play Dance Camp: Camera team: Borys Dubiański Zuzanna Malina Marek Kramarczyk Jerzy Mordarski Edited: Borys Dubiański Media partners: TVN, Gazeta Kraków, Radio Eska, Women's Health, Men's Health, Laif,,, Flava Magazine,, Magazyn Taniec Follow us on Facebook @fairplaydancecamp, Twitter @fairplaydancecamp, Instagram @fairplaydancecamp and Snapchat @fpdancecamp.
[Who’s Fakin’ Da Funk: Vol. 3] Item # Funk Showcase
Video/Photo: Digital Mynd Productions Contact:
Happy International Women’s Day!
Locking as a style is generally underrepresented in the street dance community (Europe and USA), and there are very few female groups representing this style. Therefore, with International Women’s Day coming up, I decided to bring together a group of female lockers to represent the community, the women, and hopefully inspire more females not only to lock or dance in general, but to be confident in themselves and support each other. So, happy International Women's Day! Huge thank you to everybody who made this idea possible and took part in the production! Not mentioned in the video, but also special thanks to Vintage Basement (London) for providing some of the locations. I invite you to send this video to your favourite ladies!
King Charles & Pause Eddie show the world how to do a few Chicago Footwork basics ... Shot by Lil Bit Edited by II Films
Funky-J | @Pharrell @jtimberlake
CON ARTIST FILMSDirected by: Pharside Choreographed by: Funky-J Shot and Edited by: Manh Media -- Contact Funky-J!: Follow us!: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
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