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Creative Academy of Dance : CAMP 2018 - Battle Powered by Jeems

Jeremy IJssel de Schepper, Giorgo "Gio" Prijor and Jurvinio Wijnstijn and hosted by Darren Faerber

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Battle UCP ARENA IV // Exhib'Arena // Kuty (SaGraille, Minijusticiers) vs Gio (The Pigeons)


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▪ Juges : Kefton / Ness / Boy Mijo aka Snoop

▪ POP vs NEWSTYLE vs KRUMP 1 vs 1
▪ 8 Élus dotés d'un bracelet nominatif à s'approprier
▪ 3 épreuves : La Fosse, Les Cages, L'Arène

▪ La Fosse ▪ 12h
- Les présélections se font par catégorie.
- 16 gladiateurs retenus en Hip-Hop.
- 8 gladiateurs seront retenus en Pop et Krump.
- Un premier tour est fait dans chaque categorie.
- 8 Gladiateurs Hip-Hop accèdent aux Cages.
- 4 Gladiateurs POP et KRUMP accèdent aux Cages

▪ Les Cages ▪
1 Gladiateurs POP et 1 Gladiateur KRUMPS se retrouvent face à un Élu HIP HOP.
2 GLADIATEURS HIP HOP rencontrent un Élu POP ou KRUMP.
Le but étant de défendre sa catégorie en s'appropriant le bracelet nominatif de l'Élu.
Les vainqueurs de chaque cage s'affrontent dans la phase suivante.

▪ Concept Guest Coup de Coeur ▪
Le Guest Coup de Coeur aura la possibilité de rentrer dans un Cage de son choix afin de semer la discorde et d'aller chercher un bracelet. Il ne pourra faire son choix qu'avant le début de la Cage. Une fois le 1er battle d'une Cage terminé, elle lui est fermé à tout jamais.

▪ L'Arène ▪ Quarts de finale
Chaque tête prise vous rapporte leur bracelet d'une valeur de 100€.
Autrement dit : les demi-finalistes perdants remportent 100€, le finaliste 200€ et le vainqueur 300€.
Le gagnant doit ensuite décider d'affronter un des trois maîtres de l'Arène : Kefton / Ness / Boy Mijo aka Snoop

Vous vouliez l'occasion de vous battre, voilà le parcours du combattant !!
Gladiateurs tenez vous prêts !!

Vous pouvez relâcher votre souffle

▪▪▪English ▪▪▪

Noonanji opens the doors of the 3rd edition of the battle UCP ARENA to you that will take place on the Saturday 29th of April 2017 !

▪ Judges : Kefton / Ness / Boy Mijo aka Snoop

▪ POP vs NEWSTYLE vs KRUMP 1 vs 1
▪8 Guests called "Élus" with a nominative bracelet that you have to earn
▪ 3 steps during the battle : La Fosse (the Pit), Les Cages(the Cages), L'Arène (the Arena)

▪ The Pit ▪ 12 a.m.
- Preselections per category.
- 16 Gladiators chosen in Hip-Hop.
- 8 Gladiators chosen in POP and KRUMP.
- A first round is done in each category.
- 8 Hip-Hop Gladiators reach the Cages.
- 4 POP and KRUMPS Gladiators reach the Cages.

▪ The Cages ▪
1 Gladiator POP and 1 Gladiator KRUMPS against one "Élu" HIP HOP.
The objective is to defend his own category style by earning the nominative bracelet of the "Élu".
The winners of each cage are confronting in the next step.

▪ "Coup de Coeur" Concept▪
There will be one Guest "Coup de Coeur", he'll have the power to get in one Cage he chooses to challenge the "Elu".
However, once the "Cage" has began, he can't enter in.

▪ The Arena ▪ Quarterfinal
Each defeated head allows you to earn their nominative bracelet representing the amount of 100€.
In other words : the semifinalists earn each of them 100€, the finalist 200€ and the winner 300€.
Then, the winner has to decide who between the two masters of the arena he's gonna fight : Kefton / Ness / Boy Mijo aka Snoop !!!!

As you wish, here is a tough obstacle course !!
Gladiators, be ready to fight !!

You can now release you breath !

Riceball vs Gio 1st ROUND BATTLES Hiphop Forever – Summer Dance Forever 2017

HIPHOP FOREVER - 20 August 2017

DANCERS: Riceball (win) vs Gio
JUDGES: Ben, Icee & Physs
DJ'S: KC the Funkaholic & Yugson Hawks
HOSTS: John Agesilas & Lamine

Summer Dance Forever 2017
Amsterdam, Holland

Summer Dance Forever is an inner city urban dance festival where dancers from around the world gather in the city of Amsterdam, each year in August.

Seven days to enjoy an international dance feast, packed with the best of today and the great promises of tomorrow. Organized in several venues around town, expect a great variety of dance performances, next level battles and workshops to refresh and boost your skills. A true summer in one of Europe's hottest cities, soaked in dance, to be remembered forever. Forever...and ever...and ever...

Camera & Edit:
ROEMFILM - Leo van Emden

© Summer Dance Forever 2017

Kelly vs Gio | TOP8 HIPHOP | The Kulture of Hype&Hope 2017 | FIRE edition

HIPHOP TOP8 | 03-06-2017 | FIRE edition
The Kulture of Hype&Hope 2017


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JUDGES: Djylo, Niako, Eddy Vidal
HOSTS: Rajiv & Darren

Gio ( Elite ) vs Rubix ( Criminalz ) | Exhibition battle | HipHop Kingz 2017

HipHop Kingz 2017 -
Powered by Anthony Benjamin
May 28th, 2017 - 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Filmed and Edited by HRN Entertainment and SynCrewNized)

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Dimension & Jeremy vs Gio & Filo/ Juste Debout AMSTERDAM 2017



Soul Cypher Part 5 organized by Soul Selected

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Film & Edit:

The Battle Age 2016: Lions vs Gladiators | Team Gio | DNZL.

The second part of The Battle Age, Lions vs Gladiators.

In this part the Lions will challenge the gladiators for one last time, if the Lion wins of the Gladiator, it will take his place. If the Gladiator wins, he remains in his spot and will get an extra point up to a maximum of 7.

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