MIKEY DISKO – KOD Keep On Dancing – Hip Hop Judge Demo 2018

Hip Hop Freestyle Judge Demo for KOD North American Qualifier 2018. Toronto, Canada Final in Changsa China

Song by my brothers DJ Rhettmatic of the Beat Junkies with Opio (Souls of Mischief) & Pep Love of Hieroglyphics

Moments at KOD 2016 // .stance
.stancennsome of our favorite moments / sets at KOD World Cup 2016nnKeep On Dancing
Keep On Dancing | Find Your Pride – We Will Win | Directed by The Architechs
Keep On Dancing presents:"Find Your Pride - We Will Win" Directed & Produced by: The Architechs ( Music by: Fingazz Fingadelic ( 11 individuals mentally and physically prepare for the biggest day of their lives. All with the same goals and dreams, striving to reach a higher level everyday. Pushing hard to better themselves. Digging deep to find themselves.. to find their pride. Starring: Kareem Gwinn - Izabella Grechko - Louis Becker - Xhavit Shabani - Navid Mengis - Yukari Mizokawa - Larry Bourgeois - Laurent Bourgeois - Kosi Eze - Caroline Fraser - BingBing Li - Jaehyung Lee -- LET'S CONNECT! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
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