Majid Kessab | Hip-hop | World's first 3D Dance Video


Happy World Dance Day ♥️
Film by Majid Kessab @majidk & Cihan Can
Creative Producer Cihan Can @cihancan
3-D Supervisor: Piera Montenero | @pieratheillest
CGI + VFX: Dre Bugacci | @dre.bugacci
Phil Ries | @loopinglovers
Motion Capturing: | @zdf_digital
3-D Scan & Character Design: Clonstudios | @clonstudios
Camera: Franky Dee | @frankydeee
Edit: Mirek | @_m_irek
Beat : BeatDEsign | @beatdesign_official

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30 minutes ft. Kyoka, Diablo & more | Freestyle HIP-HOP Training Mix | Red Bull Dance

Train like Red Bull Dancers, with Red Bull Dancers. It all starts with good music. This is the freestyle dance playlist you've been looking for. 💯

We put together this dance practice playlist to get you moving to the same beats the pros use. The better the music, the better your training experience. Enjoy this one on us. 🙌

If you need more convincing, just check out the stacked lineup of dancers bringing these tracks to life: Diablo, Kyoka, Stalamuerte, Dassy, Poppin’ C, Angyil, Majid. 💪 They're the inspiration you need to get up and get moving.

Our only request: If you dance to these audio tracks, tag us on Instagram so we can see you get down! 🚀 We wanna see YOU represent. Calling ALL styles to the floor. Popping, locking, breaking, house, vogue, krump, waacking, dancehall, jookin', turfing & more.

Check out the songs below 👇👇👇
1 Gonzy - Charlzy Chaplin
2 Enrythm - Sick
3 Gonzy - March
4 Tim Andria - Throw It
5 Micbeatz - Go shorty
6 Vagskee - Clapz
7 Teeko - As We Set It Off
8 Vagskee - Skillz
9 Enrythm - The Realest
10 DJ Combat - Breakfast Remix
11 Taj - Caltroit
12 Vagskee - UDS
13 Enrythm - Magic Flute
14 Gonzy - Dancehall Champ
15 Micbeatz x Bingo - Tibet
16 Vagskee - Kefton
17 Tim Andria - Bahia
18 Vagskee - BNZ
19 Gonzy - Mars Attack
20 Enrythm - Wood Boy
21 Taj Better BoomBap
22 MicBeatz - Yeah
23 Vagskee - Classic Rhythm

Giving wings to dancers and all the dance fans around the world 🌏

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MAJID | Hip-hop | Dance Freestyle
Exhibition Battle: Red Bull Dancers vs. Team Romandie | Red Bull Dance Tour Switzerland

Exhibition Battle in Lausanne: Red Bull Dancers vs Team Romandie 💯
too much 🔥 for one dance floor 💪

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Giving wings to dancers and all the dance fans around the world 🌏

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🔥HIP HOP KILL THE BEAT 2013 – 2018 #danceproject

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This time we prepared for you special compilation with huge amount of crazy dancers. All around the world. They made crowd screaming 46 minutes of nice dancing, we think you will like it.

Even more, here is not ALL dancers, and in the world much more cool dancers who killing the beat. It just our taste. So don't get mad if you will not find your favorite here ;)

Our Spotify playlists:
🕺 Hip-Hop playlist:
🕺 Breakdance playlist:
🕺 Popping playlist:
🕺 Funk playlist:


Meech de France (Ghôst Flow Movement / O’Trip House) MAJID (AREA 47 / Ghetto Style) Poppin J (World Fame Us) TAKE-C (BUSTA JAKK BOOGIE/LOW FAT MILK.T PAC/BRO of MADE IN FUNK)
DANCE & etc. channel ダンス以外に猫や大喜利や結婚式や余興など幅広く撮影を行ってます。製作や写真も出来ます。
使用機 LUMIX DC-GH5 FDR-X3000 M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 7-14mm F2.8 PRO Zhiyun Crane &more
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気まぐれで作ったnekomon channelオフィシャル猫グッズ:
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MAJID WORKSHOP 1 (Hip-Hop) – All Groups – SIBPROKACH 2018


Give It Up 2018 – Hip Hop Judges Demo

Link - Icee - Majid judges demo at Give It Up 2018 in Cesenatico, Italy, during The Week festival.

Filmmaking by //

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