Konsept vs Pairodime | HIPHOP | The Kulture of Hype&Hope | FIRE edition s2 2018

Judge: Kefton, Shay, Rayboom

Event: The Kulture of Hype&Hope | FIRE edition 2018 S2
Organized by: Giovani Dimension & Miss7
In cooperation with: DOX

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SAVE THE DATE for S3: HipHop&Break 1vs1 +
Wind edition: 20 October 2018 Locking
Water edition: 5 Januari 2019 House
Earth edition: 21 April 2019 Popping
Fire edition: 6 July 2019 KRUMP

GOLD edition: 7 July 2019 (7-to-Smoke HipHop, Break, Allstyle) Crew vs Crew & The Hypest Cypher special edition!

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