Hip Hop vs. Popping & House | ft. Diablo, Angyil and more | STYLE VS. STYLE

🎵 Musicality: ✔️
💪 Execution: ✔️
💯 Style: ✅✅✅

Style vs. Style puts your favorite dance style on deck. The goal? See which individual dance style shines for YOU. 💫

00:11 Battle 1: MT Pop vs. Diablo
01:18 Battle 2: Angyil vs. Perla
02:40 Battle 3: Batalla vs. Sébastien Boucher

Meet MT POP:
MT Pop is a Vietnamese dancer who is widely recognized for his popping style and has been dancing since 2006. He represents X-Clown, Playboyz Inc & TGBz. MT Pop describes that his dance is often inspired by the people around him or by nature. Everything around him that he identifies as movement, he is able to add to his dancing. As a battler, his favorite moment was when he battled at Jack of All Trade in Canada. When he isn't competing in battles, you can often find him teaching workshops, performing at showcases, or involved in a new dance project.

Hailing from Nice with nearly-20-years of dancing under his belt, Diablo has been a notable performer in the French and international hip hop scene. He's gained recognition from his performance on the battle stage as well as from strong appearances in TV shows, video engagements, and performing at shows including touring with famous French act Christine and the Queens.

Perla hails from Switzerland and is most known in the international dance scene as an avid House dancer. Some of her notable achievements include qualifying 7 times for Juste Debout and claiming the title at Cercle Underground 2 times.

Born in Kansas, Angyil moved to New York at the age of 16. She appeared in season 2 of NBC's World of Dance and took the boogaloo Sam Award in 2016 at the World of Dance Championship. Though she's skilled in multiple styles, Angyil excels the most in Popping.

Batalla hails from Colombia. Influenced by Latin culture, his love for hip hop dance also extends to a passion & appreciation for hispanic dances like Salsa, Bachata, or Merengue. Today, he mixes his experience with Latin dances as well as the various dance styles he continues to learn into a flow of movement uniquely his own.

Sébastien hails from Switzerland and is most known for his popping. He is also skilled in other styles of dance like house and hip hop. When he is not dancing, he contributes to the community as a dance teacher and an event organizer. One of the notable events he organized in the past was Juste Debout Suisse.

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[Step Ya Game Up 2018] Riceball v. Perla (Freestyle Final)

Video/Photo: Digital Mynd Productions
Contact: [email protected]

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The Macspencer 🌸 Perla • Tour 1 2018

The Colab est un concept créé en 2016 dont l’objectif est de conjuguer danse hip-hop et musique acoustique, en mettant le musicien et le danseur sur un même piédestal. Huit duos d'un danseur et d'un musicien se rencontrent dans un format de battle. Chaque musicien joue pour son danseur. À chaque tour, les vainqueurs récupèrent le ou les musiciens adverses.

Le second tour est donc un trio. Enfin, la finale oppose deux quintettes, composés chacun d'un danseur et de quatre musiciens. Les perdants du premier tour se retrouvent ensuite en deux contre deux, accompagnés des musiciens de leur choix, où ils pourront au choix faire des prestations solo ou en duo.

1er Tour:
Jimmy Vairon –aka The Macspencer– et Tom Hamon (Hang)
Perla Perlson et Bertrand Beruard (Contrebasse)

Who got the flower ?! 2018


The Colab • 3vs3 Battle • Junior 1vs1 • 2vs2 Footwork • 1vs1 Toprock

Made by Nextape Crew
Pontcharra, Isère, France


DEMO JUDGE Perla Perlson 🇨🇭
DJS: Dj T-Sia (Laeticia Ponce) 🇫🇷 DjMofak (Mofak-Mofeezy) 🇫🇷
MC'S : Dandyguel (Dandyguel (Mr Blackpheno)) 🇫🇷 / July Richarson 🇨🇭
Copyright : Urban Block Prod

Juste Debout Bratislava 2018 – HipHop Semi Final – Perla & KillaSon (win) vs. Ties & Ponka

Juste Debout BRATISLAVA 2018 - Hip Hop

Dj: Joseph Wu
Judges: Dedson, Rashaad, Rickysoul, Tash

Juste Debout Bratislava 2018 – HipHop Final – Perla & KillaSon vs. Marcio & Batalla
Young Steph, Oomoo, Perla | Juges hiphop | PosiMind Battle 2017

PosiMind Battle
22.04.2017 à Vevey Switzerland

Juge hiphop
Young Steph - Scrambling Feet
Perla - DBZ Fam/ Wanted Posse
Oomoo - Swaggerz


Dj Alien

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