Precious Alvares Choreography | @c4pedro “AFRICAN BEAUTY” | DNZL.
"Just a simple commercial-like video with six beautiful ladies from my dance education. For all my strong woman of this decade." choreography: PRECIOUS ALVARES video&edit: DNZL.
Precious Alvares x Reis Fernando Choreography | Buruntuma | DNZL.videos
Ik vond dat het tijd was om zoveel mogelijk goede afro dansers die ik ken en voel op te sporen en een super fun project in elkaar te zetten. Dit wilde ik choreograferen met Reis vanwege verschillende redenen. Vergeet niet waarom je danst en met wie.. Surround yourself only with goodvibes cause that wil not only make you strong but the world! I hope you enjoy cause we did!
Sanne Bothee & Precious Alvares | Dancehall & African Mix | HRN Movie
HRN Entertainment.. Dance class by Sanne Bothee & Precious Alvares. Filmed by OrokanaWorld Edited by HRN Entertainment Dancestudio Global Dance Centre HRN Entertainment © Dance & Video Productions
Toofan – GWETA | Precious Alvares | DNZL.videos
My name is Precious Alvares and I'm a 17 year old girl. My message to you all is: "Stop competing to people, just dance and enjoy. We all have the same beautiful passion. Lets do it together and take over the world." Song: Toofan - GWETA
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