Dedson vs Kefton | Quarter Final Ghetto Style Fusion Concept

Dedson vs Kefton

Dassy vs Red Pop 1ST ROUND BATTLES Popping Forever – Summer Dance Forever 2016

POPPING FOREVER - 18 August 2016

DANCERS: Dassy (win) vs Red Pop
JUDGES: Hoan, Rashaad & Boogie Frantick
DJ'S: CutNice & Lucas Benjamin
HOSTS: John Agesilas & Lamine

Summer Dance Forever 2016
Amsterdam, Holland

Summer Dance Forever is an inner city urban dance festival where dancers from around the world gather in the city of Amsterdam, each year in August.

Seven days to enjoy an international dance feast, packed with the best of today and the great promises of tomorrow. Organized in several venues around town, expect a great variety of dance performances, next level battles and workshops to refresh and boost your skills. A true summer in one of Europe's hottest cities, soaked in dance, to be remembered forever. Forever...and ever...and ever...

Camera & Edit:
ROEMFILM - Leo van Emden

© Summer Dance Forever 2016

Breaking All Judges Demo | SYM Trophee Masters Taiwan 2016

Breaking All Judges Demo | SYM Trophee Masters Taiwan 2016
Bojin (HRC BBoy.Bboyworld Asia / TW)
Reveal (Rock Force Crew.Killafornia / USA)
Red (Formosa.bboyworld Asia.Soulfood Soldier / TW)
Aya ( Formosa.HappySoul.MZK Lifestyle/ TW)
OT (Over The Top / TW)

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