Dancers battle with a CHAIR | REI vs KENTO | Props

椅子を使ってダンスバトル | REI vs KENTO | PROPS

Bet you've never seen this version of musical chairs before. 😏
Rei & Kento get creative in this dance battle 🙌

Will they SIT this one out? Not a chance. 💯
Rei & Kento keep the groove AND the chair moving in this battle of creativity 🧠

PROPS is dance battle, meets improv. 🚀 Two dancers face off in a battle of musicality and wits. 🧠 It's not enough to dance to the DJ's tunes. 🎵 The criteria? You gotta mix up your dance style with the selected, everyday items ALL WHILE staying in rhythm & timing. Win over the crowd with your creativity & execution, you win the battle. 💪 The best part of this game show is watching dancers have fun. 🤗

小道具を使い、どれだけ自分のスタイルを見せつけられるかの1on1 フリースタイル・ダンスバトル。国内外で活躍する世界に誇る日本トップダンサーが集結し、同じPropsだが違うジャンル、違うスタイルがぶつかり合う!撮影会場:Studio ZIGSAW

Meet REI:
Rei hails from Fukuoka, Japan and has been dancing for 35 years. Most notably, he became the world champion at the Locking Finals at the UK B-Boy Championship in 2016.

Kento has been dancing for 23 years and hails from Tokyo, Japan. Kento also battles competitively and even won a national title as a previous Juste Debout Japan Champion.

Meet the host, KITE:
Kite currently lives in Tokyo, Japan has been dancing for 20years.
Known best for his popping skills, he is recognized on and off the dance floor as a battler, teacher, teammate, and sometimes a dance event host. Some of his titles were gained in competitions including Hip Hop International Pop 1on1 World Final and Old School Night.

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Giving wings to dancers and all the dance fans around the world 🌏
Got a favorite dance style? We got plenty.
💪 Hip Hop, Breaking, Popping, Locking, Waacking, House, Voguing, Tutting, Turfing, Jooking, Litefeet, Dancehall, Krump... to name a few 😏
Share your favorite style in the comments below! 👇👇👇

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