Skipp O-Seven – I Bet That You Regret

Song Story:
I´m sure most of you know this situation: a good friendship or relationship breaks down (for whatever reason here) and you are said, focusing more on your own things like work or hobbies or whatever and you have success with it. Your friends and other people praise and motivate you and your life gets fresh air. From time to time you still must be thinking about the other one who left you but it doesn´t hurt anymore so much, you understand more and more how bad the character of this person really was and is.

Sooner or later you hear casually from a friend that the other one is talking about you, that everything is going so well in your life and that he/she knows you and you both having a past blah blah blah… this person adorns himself with your success. And here we are in this track 😉