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Yeah Yellow – Yeah Yellow Sunshine [Full Performance]

Yeah Yellow of France perform Yeah Yellow Sunshine at Breakin' Convention. This is a supercut, edited from footage from the Breakin' Convention USA Tour in 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina, Miami, Florida, Harlem, New York, Denver, Colorado and London at Sadler's Wells.

Founded in 2012 by dancers Kami and Bee D, Yeah Yellow are a multidisciplinary hip hop dance group from France. Since their inception they have performed and battled internationally, representing France with numerous titles under their belt.

To them their obsession with the colour yellow colour represents the Sun, the Force, and the Light – a collective of dancing Jedi Knights showcasing their creativity, originality and “joie de vivre”, whatever style they dance, whether hip hop or breaking.

Yeah Yellow (France)
Yeah Yellow Sunshine
Choreographers: Bee D, Kami
Performers: Bee D, Darkyoux, Francisco, Grun, Kalvin, Kami, Ouili, Sheitto, Simo Croc, Steve Lelong

Edited by Owen Ling
Filmed by Dave Barros and Owen Ling

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The crowd of this country is amazing 💪🏼💪🏼
Too much hype.

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MUSIC: Little Big - Uno

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