Video ON 2020-7-9
RT BOSS | DALLA | By Katerina Troitskaya

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CAMERA: @Oneginasty
DANCER: @Katerina91k
SONG: Rt Boss - Dalla


Sleep Deprived by Dreamville ( A DallasTale )

A project that represents perseverance, love, growth & gratitude. While presenting some of Dallas’ Finest Movers. I have so much pride and love for the city I grew up in & I want to continue to show the world these hidden gems.

Filmed by: Jon Jimenez & Zachary Keeling
Editing by: Jon Jimenez
Movement Artists (in order of appearance): Friidom Dunn, Isaiah "iLLa" Adams, Darlesha "Valkary" Goggins & Jon "Gifted" Jimenez.

Katrin WOW judge demo

Ready or not!

VALENCIA HYPE allstyles cypher

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Black Label Dance Live
Valencia, Spain

Craig David - Do You Miss Me Much (Majestic Remix)

Valencia Hype ance Community

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Directed: J. Zuberi
Edited: J. Zuberi
Produced: J. Zuberi
Director Of Photography: J. Zuberi
Assistant Videographer: Jojo Diggs
Music: Jai Paul - Jasmine

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