Video ON 2020-9-13

안녕하세요 절크패밀리 입니다!
저희들의 새로운 퍼포먼스 입니다.
한국의 미와 저희의 스타일을 접목시켜서 만든 퍼포먼스입니다.
다같이 노력해서 만든 작품인만큼 많은 관심 부탁드립니다.
Artist & Directed by JERK FAMILY
Yehwan Kim / Kyungwoo / U-Jin / Gyuhong / YoonYoung / Minsoo / Jiyoung
Mooreup / Welchi / Minjun / Taegeon / Eunkyung / Minseo / Nain
Camera & Edited by
Assist by Hulk
Special Thanks to @Just Jerk Crew

Exhibition Battle: Red Bull Dancers vs. Team Romandie | Red Bull Dance Tour Switzerland

Exhibition Battle in Lausanne: Red Bull Dancers vs Team Romandie 💯
too much 🔥 for one dance floor 💪

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