Video ON 2020-9-30
Ryoji vs Sheku (semi) // .stance // Break Mission x B-Side Hip Hop Festival 2020


Winner: Sheku

#stanceelements #bboy #UK

AJ vs Spin (semi) // .stance // Break Mission x B-Side Hip Hop Festival 2020


Winner: Spin

#stanceelements #bboy #UK

Anthony Lee

Freestyle by: @_anthonylee_
Filmed & Edited by: @vibrvncy
Music by: The Glitch Mob "Interbeing"

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Trizzle – Smoke Freestyle

Every search for something new ends with the mood and vibe we have this week. This time we got a job from Trizzle called Smoke. The first thing I like about the track itself is the development of the instrumental part, where Trap goes into UK Drill and this adds a certain charm to this track. And of course, the freestyle itself complements the composition well. I think this should dilute the electronic selections of dancers.

By Trizzle:
This freestyle is Trizzle’s way of letting everyone know that he is here to stay and there will only be nothing but more creative consistency from this point on as he sets to leave a mark in the industry.

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