Video ON 2020-10-4
Jon Boogz | Liberated

This film is about letting go of your fears, traumas and anxieties. 2020 has been a tough year on all our mental health. Taking time to release some of that stored trauma from the body can be liberating to the spirit.

Directed by @Jon Boogz
Music by @JasonYangViolin
DP @distinctvisuals

The Kinjaz |

A Kinjaz X Vibrvncy Production

Directed by: Jonathan Shih and Vinh Nguyen

Filmed & Edited by: Chad Mayate, Nick Kim, Gerald Nonato, Jonnelle Monzon, Jonathan Shih

Choreographed by: Vinh Nguyen, Mpact Lor, Villn Lor, Carlo Darang, Jason Lin, Bam Martin, Anthony Lee, Tony Tran

Performed by:
Vinh Nguyen
Bam Martin
Ben Chung
Anthony Lee
Carlo Darang
Villn Lor
Mpact Lor
Jason Lin
Tony Tran
Mike Song
Charles Nguyen
Chad Mayate

VFX: Max Mao, Jonnelle Monzon, Jonathan Shih

Special Thanks: Fabian Herrera, Gabri Nguyen

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