Video ON 2020-10-6
Quick Style – Zalil by Karpe (Official Dance Video)

Song title: Zalil & §393
Artist: Karpe
Choreography: Quick Style & Co
Visual Direction/Director: Quick Style & Co / Julian Alexander
DP: Julian Alexander
Edit: Nasir Sirikhan & Julian Alexander
Styling: Yasmin (Vimo)

@idafuglenphoto (behind the scenes)

Quickstyle & Co:
Suleman Malik
Bilal Malik
Nasir Sirikhan
Jan Erik Santos
David Leung
David Vu
Kunal Bhart
Kevin Vasquez
Egil Mikael
Rafael Angelo
Armand Nasiri
Yasin Tatby
Oskar Vigren
William Gamborg
Dilen De Zilva

Jackson Wang (SDC FINALE Dance Performance) – Choreography by The Kinjaz

Congratulations to Jackson Wang for winning his final round of Street Dance of China Season 3 with his latest performance to “Sicko Mode” Skrillex REMIX by Travis Scott. After directing and choreographing all of his performances this season, from “Hall of Fame” to “Titanic” to “ISIS” and now this, it’s been such an amazing journey and privilege to work with Jackson, time and time again. For this performance, we wanted to have a different kind of fun since it would be his last, so we collaborated much more closely with Jackson to carve out the routine. As things usually are with larger scale television shows, things got hectic and we had to compromise some of our original vision…but because we’ve worked together a lot now, it was an easy and thrilling team dynamic and chemistry for us to figure out how to come out on top. Most importantly, we would not have been able to accomplish this without the help of our brother Franklin Yu, who represented us on the ground floor over there in China. It truly takes a village and we would not be where we are without the sacrifice of our kin and the support from all of you. Thank you for the journey so far and we’re excited to see where it goes. #teamwang

⁃The Kinjaz

Directed by
Anthony Lee @_anthonylee_

Assistant Director
Franlin Yu @franklinyu82

Choreography by
Anthony Lee @_anthonylee_
Franklin Yu @franklinyu82
Vinh Nguyen @v1nh
Charles Nguyen @charlieguy__
Bam Martin @bam_martin
Jason Lin @itsjason217

Music Editing by
Charles Nguyen @charlieguy__

Special thanks
Phillip Chbeeb

Congratulations to Xiao Chao and Chun Lin for representing Team Wang as finalists in the show.






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Travis Scott & Kid Cudi

Filmed & Edited by: Nick Kim, Jonathan Shih

Choreographed by: Vinh Nguyen, Mpact Lor, Villn Lor, Carlo Darang, Jason Lin, Bam Martin, Anthony Lee, Tony Tran

Performed by:
Vinh Nguyen
Bam Martin
Ben Chung
Anthony Lee
Carlo Darang
Villn Lor
Mpact Lor
Jason Lin
Tony Tran
Mike Song
Charles Nguyen
Chad Mayate

Music by Travis Scott feat. Kid Cudi "The Scotts"

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U-Tube Sounds #5|Hilty & Bosch Choreographed in 30 MIN.!!【DJ U-ICHI】

▽世界的ダンサー【Hilty & Bosch】にいきなり音源渡して踊ってもらった / DJ U-ICHI

▽【ある方に向けて楽曲制作】U-Tube Sounds #5 / DJ U-ICHI

▽ DJ U-ICHI (HOME MADE 家族) x ヒルボ (Hilty & Bosch)|ヒルボのええやん!vol.1

▽ DJ U-ICHI OFFICIAL YouTube channel

▼ Contact
[email protected]

#UTubeSounds #DJUICHI #hiltyandbosch

House Dance Trio by MaMSoN

House Dance Trio with Havoc Ladies
Choreography: MaMSoN

Dancers: Jolaine - Sabrina - Eva
Video: Graig La Branche
Track: Da Mike & Lazarusman - The Thing

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