Video ON 2021-4-20
30 minutes ft. Kyoka, Diablo & more | Freestyle HIP-HOP Training Mix | Red Bull Dance

Train like Red Bull Dancers, with Red Bull Dancers. It all starts with good music. This is the freestyle dance playlist you've been looking for. 💯

We put together this dance practice playlist to get you moving to the same beats the pros use. The better the music, the better your training experience. Enjoy this one on us. 🙌

If you need more convincing, just check out the stacked lineup of dancers bringing these tracks to life: Diablo, Kyoka, Stalamuerte, Dassy, Poppin’ C, Angyil, Majid. 💪 They're the inspiration you need to get up and get moving.

Our only request: If you dance to these audio tracks, tag us on Instagram so we can see you get down! 🚀 We wanna see YOU represent. Calling ALL styles to the floor. Popping, locking, breaking, house, vogue, krump, waacking, dancehall, jookin', turfing & more.

Check out the songs below 👇👇👇
1 Gonzy - Charlzy Chaplin
2 Enrythm - Sick
3 Gonzy - March
4 Tim Andria - Throw It
5 Micbeatz - Go shorty
6 Vagskee - Clapz
7 Teeko - As We Set It Off
8 Vagskee - Skillz
9 Enrythm - The Realest
10 DJ Combat - Breakfast Remix
11 Taj - Caltroit
12 Vagskee - UDS
13 Enrythm - Magic Flute
14 Gonzy - Dancehall Champ
15 Micbeatz x Bingo - Tibet
16 Vagskee - Kefton
17 Tim Andria - Bahia
18 Vagskee - BNZ
19 Gonzy - Mars Attack
20 Enrythm - Wood Boy
21 Taj Better BoomBap
22 MicBeatz - Yeah
23 Vagskee - Classic Rhythm

Giving wings to dancers and all the dance fans around the world 🌏

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