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HIP HOP – Running Man (Follow Along) Beginner

Hey guys,
Hope youre doing great!
Lets train some Hip-Hop today and practice together the Running Man as well as some basic variations.
It might look easy but it definitely will need some time and patience.
Keep pushing guys!
Thank you for training with me.
A lot of positivity and love to all of you
Take care
(Find my hip hop playlists to practice on soundcloud & spotify. Just type in my name)

HIP HOP – Pivot (Follow Along) Beginner

Sharing here some basic pivot variations with you and practicing them with you. Thankful for being able to train with you.
Check out the Pivot follow along intermediate one after mastering this one.
Let me know if there is anything you would like to learn or practice with me.
Appreciate you!
Much love and positivity for all of you
Take care

HIP HOP – Pivot (Follow Along) Intermediate

Yo guys!
Hope you enjoy this one. Some variations are pretty hard but with love and patience it will work out.
Let me know what you think.
Appreciate your time and energy.
Much love to you all.
Take care

Hip-Hop music you will find on my spotify or soundcloud:
Dani Torrey-Cabello

HIP HOP – Basic Head Isolation (Follow Along) – Beginner No.1

Tried it today with a mic and didnt expect it to be so loud. Sorry for my screaming sometimes haha
Isolations are so important for every style and basically that means isolating one body party. You only focus on the head for example and then its just about exploring, training and understanding your body better. This follow along is good to practice the basic directions and also connecting it with the bounce/groove. Thats why for me it´s a Hip Hop one. At the beginning its easy to have the static control but to add the groove in that case bounce will bring your dance to your next level.
Do this one once in a while and master it so you´re ready for the next head isolations I will share with you soon.
If you need music to practice feel free to check out my playlists on spotify, soundcloud. Here they are:

Take care. Much love and positivity to all of you

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