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U know Shaine Battle #4 | Final 2VS2 | Rubix et Kuty VS Regi et Deyvron | by @daybuck

Film : @fcdkrump
Dj : Namu_serpentard et Nikops

Fondateur : Daybuck
Instagram :@uknowshainebattle

B-Boy Hong 10 vs B-Boy Harricane | Call out battle | Our City B-Boys

B-Boy Hong 10 vs B-Boy Harricane are going head-to-head this time 🤜🤛

Rund down:
3 minutes per round and 1,5 minutes break in between Judges score during the break.
12 rounds were planned in total but, according to the rules, whoever wins 7 rounds is the final winner.

Who takes the W?🏆💪

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Red Bull BC One is the biggest one-on-one Breaking competition in the world. Every year, thousands of dancers across the globe vie for a chance to represent at the World Final. Sixteen B-Boys & B-Girls earn the right to enter into an all-out battle on the Red Bull BC One stage, but only one will be crowned the champion.


#redbullbcone #redbull #breakingbattle

U know Shaine Battle #4 | Rubix VS Kuty | Final 1 vs 1 all style

Dj : Namu serpentard / Nikops

Fondateur : Daybuck
Instagram : @uknowshainebattle

Quick Style – Kandahar by Haval

Song: Kandahar
Artist: Haval
Dance by: Quick Crew
Suleman Malik, Nasir Sirikhan & Bilal Malik

You can also find us on:

Booking info: [email protected]

Kefton I Marvin ❌ M20tv ❌ NEWART


Welcome Back in our Manège 🎪👋🏽 🤡🤡🏴

Episode 2 🎈


Dancer: @kefton_enfant.prodige ❌ @marvin.gofin

Director: ❌ @newartinsta

👕 by @gogolupin
🤡 by @lesnachoos

Music: 🎹
(i do not own the right of this Music)

Jaygee 1분댄스 WstCst (Instrumental)

Jaygee 1분댄스 WstCst (Instrumental)

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