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Kevin Paradox | Hip-Hop | Osaka Castle

Osaka, Japan 2021 - In the beautiful scenery of the Osaka Castle , Kevin Paradox performs a hip hop dance freestyle.

Back with another video, this time a dance freestyle to Pretty Little Fears by 6lack ft Jcole. The shoot started of right with the sun coming through the branches. It was sadly a short lived moment as you can see as the sun went down. Never the less I hope this hip hop dance shares some good vibes with you and brings you in the mood to dance this coming spring!


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Biggos vs Kid NY vs Pakissi | Final Cypher | Tap Into It Contest

The judge had a hard time picking the winner out of the 14 guests so he wanted to see Biggos, Kid NY and Pakissi in a final cypher to take a decision.
Kid NY ended up with the win.

Bouboo | Hiphop | Judge Solo | REALDANCE COMPETITION 2020 vol.5


Fabreezy & Odilon | Hip-hop | Freestyle | BTM Exchange

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GUCCHON | Popping | Freestyle
Alesya | House Dance | Summer Dance Forever Online Edition 2020

Here i collected all my rounds with the description of the challenges from judges during Summer Dance Forever online edition August 2020.

You can check the full show at SDF channel:

L’eto | Hip-hop | Judge Demo | Rise Battle 2k21
Артем Сидоров | Hip-hop | Judge showcase | “YA CONTEST” 2021
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